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Host your event at Questrooms!

  • We would be happy to help you organise your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, team-building or kid’s birthday
  • We have cosy reception and a separate event room for you
  • Bigger group? No problem. 11 people can play at the same time and 22 people will make 2 rounds (11 each turn)

Vår personal kontaktar dig snarast möjligt

So how does that work?

We will be more than happy to help you organise special events for more than 5 guests. You can choose to play only one room or have an escape room-marathon and escape from several rooms one after another.
You divide into teams, depending on the amount of players
Before, between and after the game you are enjoying yourself in the lounge room: chat, play board games, grab a bite, watch your friends trying to escape or celebrate your special event
Then you switch rooms and try to escape again

Why celebrating you special day at Questrooms is a great idea?

We all get this question once per year: how do I make this day fun and full of memories?
A lot of people have already answered this question and celebrated their special events at Questrooms. And here is why:
  1. An escape room is a unique type of entertainment enjoyed by all the guests regardless of gender, age or occupation.
  2. It’s a new and trendy type of entertainment in Stockholm: almost everyone has heard something about escape rooms but many still haven't played one.
  3. You don't have to spend extra money and time to book a restaurant or prepare your own apartment for hosting guests: we will set everything up in our cosy lounge room.
  4. Our manager will help you to personalise the game: hide birthday presents in one of the room or adjust a story line according to your specific event.
Read more about quests and how games take place here.

Book our cozy lounge room!

You can rent our lounge/conference room as a part of the package or separately for a small meeting, celebration or a brainstorming session. The room can easily accommodate up to 20 people and contains among other things:
  • Comfortable armchairs and pillows
  • Projector with VGA and HDMI output
  • Non-alcoholic minibar (you can choose from our pricelist or bring your own beverages)
  • Swedish fika (ask us for lunch options/catering 1 week in advance)
  • Board games (when you need a break)

To book the room separately, contact our customer service manager. In case you want to book this room together with escape games, “Horror Escape” and “Russian Mafia” are available at Kocksgatan 21a. Choose one of the options here.
Kasia Danila
Customer Service Manager.
08-543 544 02
If you have any questions or you are ready to book a holiday, call our manager right now
Or leave a request
Vår personal kontaktar dig snarast möjligt
Real-life room escape is the brand-new entertaiment for adults and children. In games you'll find yourself in the jail and in the apartment of Russian mafia, in the ghost photolab or in the restaurant of maniac cannibal. You only have an hour to solve all the puzzles and escape.