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Impressions and emotions of people, who has already visited our real-life room escape. It allows you to decide where to go at the weekend and what kinde of game to choose. We welcome any your comments.
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Lorentz B
09 jul 2019
Var och spelade Sherlook rummet och blev så imponerad att jag ett par månader senare var tillbaka och spelade den magiska världen rummet. Mycket bra rekvisita och klurigheter. Gillar rum som inte är linjära och som överraskar i sina klurigheter, vilket jag tycker att båda rummen gör! Extra plus för sherlook rummet. många olika typer av klurigheter och inte så många kodlås. Bra bemötande av personalen vid båda tillfällena. Känns att ni verkligen gillar det ni gör och är stolta över era rum
07 jul 2019
Vi hade otroligt roligt tillsammans i Sherlock Holmes-rummet! Förväntningarna var höga, och hela upplägget med utmaningarna, klurigheterna och själva atmosfären levde upp till dem. Stor omsorg om detaljerna, och trevlig personal. Vi rekommenderar alla som vill leka, passar de flesta åldrar.
06 jul 2019
Jätteroligt, utmanande och smart! Vi var två vuxna och en tioåring som gjorde Trolldomsskolan och vi var väldigt nöjda alla tre. Ett av de bästa Escape Rooms jag gjort!
Frida L
02 jul 2019
Vi delade upp oss på de båda rummen (4 i trolldomsskolan och 3 i Sherlock) och körde samtidigt. Vi var alla supernöjda och de flesta av oss har gjort andra liknande rum i Stockholm. Dessa håller toppkvalitet. Vi klarade precis inte trolldomsskolan men löste alla mysterium så vi kände oss väldigt nöjda med svårighetsgraden och andra gänget klarade Sherlockrummet med några minuter tillgodo. Jättefina och spännande rum!
30 jun 2019
Var här med ett gäng tjejer för möhippa. Vi hade roligt och rummet var väldigt kul. Vi körde Trolldomsskolan. Vi var 6 stycken och skulle nog rekommendera att var max 4 stycken för vi var kanske lite för många kockar i samma soppa haha. Men ett roligt rum som jag rekommenderar, speciellt om man gillar Harry Potter.
30 jun 2019
Kluriga ledtrådar och roliga pussel. Vi var tre personer som gjorde rummet och var fullt upptagna hela tiden. Bra blandning av uppgifter gjorde att alla kunde vara med och bidra till lösningen. Ett av de bästa rummen i Stockholm!
27 jun 2019
I would like to say, without a doubt THE Escape Room establishment in Stockholm with the greatest atmosphere of all places. The decor is well thought through and the puzzles are equally good. My favorite would have to be the "Save Sherlock". Many small but yet very intricate things to do. The rooms have both linear and non linear puzzles and some go outside the frame for what I have seen before. Thank you so much! If in Stockholm - don't miss the Riddle Room!
27 jun 2019
If you ever wanted to experience an Escape Room that really has focused on the story first and then planned the riddles after that, this is the place to go! At the moment two rooms; Sherlock Holmes and a “Harry Potter” kind of room. I can’t wait until you expand. I will go wherever you plan a new room! Great work and awesome staff!
19 feb 2019
We were in the prison room and it was actually very fun!! Kinda realistic too, with the prison guard playing her part really good! Initially i thought it might be too easy or too hard but there was just enough clues that you could make it out. I mean you really get into the act of being a prisoner and trying to get out, super cool!!
08 feb 2019
We did the horror room on Friday and had an amazing time. I was really nervous in the beginning, and we were told that this was the scariest room. But soon the excitement of solving the next puzzle and the time pressure took over and the time flew. We made it out and were really stoked afterwards and in the perfect mood to grab a drink and continue the evening. I can recommend this as a fun way to start the weekend with a group of friends!
03 feb 2019
I have recently visited horror escape room, and it was crazy amazing! It is a very cool room to solve if it is your first time in an escape room or 100th - it is not your standard escape room, so everyone can do it :) I think the best way to describe it is when you watch a horror movie and think to yourself "this is stupid, they should just do A and B." This is your chance to actually try and do! The tasks are amazing, and it is not as easy to think when you are afraid... :) well no more spoilers, just book it! :)
20 jan 2019
Did the Prison Escape, with a friend who had never played before (I have been in ~10 rooms, most of them in Greece). Both of us had tons of fun! Awesome locale, nice scenario, great props, very nice and helpful game masters, AND student discounts! Highly recommended!
12 jan 2019
To be honest, before going to Questrooms Stockholm, I was never interested in an escape room. I went with a few friends with very little expectations. I was blown away by the detail and complexity of the different rooms. I won't spoil the horror room for first timers, but I had a ton of fun, and would love to go back. I just visited a few Escape Rooms in NYC and they do not compare to Questrooms Stockholm. I highly recommend them, and look forward to going again soon!
22 dec 2018
My friends and I did first the prison and then after the haunted photo lab. It was super fun! The prison is a good start to understand the entire concept of these rooms. We had a blast, and laughed at each other's stupid ideas for how to escape. I will definitely check out more rooms as there are many more. It is a really fun way to change the scenery from doing the regular, same old routine with friends/family/coworkers. Doing one of these rooms and then getting food/grabbing drinks after is what I call an intelligent and highly enjoyable evening! It is a bit pricey but definitely well worth it. When you think about how much you can spend on your weekend anyways, this is something you can enjoy every minute of and very well treasure the memory of everyone's wits and fun time together in a small, confined place :D
15 dec 2018
We were three and played the Horror Escape room. We liked it a lot, the atmosphere is great and very realistic. Sometimes we were even thinking about the "stop button". Even at first you still realize that it is a game but after awhile you a relay into the atmosphere of the horror movie and the feeling of fear start to crawl you from inside. I do recommend it for the group of friends or for company's team-building events!!
08 dec 2018
We went to the haunted photolab and enjoyed it a lot. Original puzzles, real teamwork required for some of them. Not too complicated, but really rewarding
30 nov 2018
Was one of the best rooms I have ever done! I have done 18 rooms in 5 different countries. Recommended it strongly!
17 nov 2018
Was greeted by very friendly proprietor Greg, with introduction and setup for the Horror Escape on Kocksgatan on Södermalm. The room was really well planned and built to top standards - nothing felt cheaply done but rather cleverly executed. The mood contributed to making it a really memorable experience. Definitely the best escape room I've done, having done them in both London, Berlin and Gothenburg.
27 okt 2018
We were a group of 4 people who did both Horror Escape and Russian Mafia Escape in separate occasions (just had to get back after the first time!). Great experience, super friendly staff, cool environment and easy to book! This is a must do in Stockholm!
20 okt 2018
I love escape rooms and was delighted to find a game simplified for children. We had a lot of fun although my 7 year old was a little bit scared at first. The puzzles were simple enough for kids to solve but still interesting enough for an adult too. I truly can recommend Questrooms for adults and kids. This was something we don't have in my home town yet.
28 sep 2018
It starts with you being handcuffed together and continues with you together trying to figure out how to escape. My first experience with Questrooms but now I definitely know how much fun it is! A game where you need to collaborate, notice details and use your brain while being in an immersive environment? I say yes to that! Until VR is everywhere this is a really good step to experience and so much fun! Good quest with intricate details, good explanations by the staff and nicely executed rooms!
15 sep 2018
Me and my family managed to get out of the tricky Russian maffia room, high on adrenaline and eager to do another room. Very well organized!
Niklas Ahlblom-Berg
27 maj 2018
Did the maffia escape yesterday as part of a bachelor party, and it was no more than awesome! The whole ambience and all riddles, clues, just great! Definitely recommend them for what could possibly be the most intense 60 minutes ever.
Real-life room escape is the brand-new entertaiment for adults and children. In games you'll find yourself in the jail and in the apartment of Russian mafia, in the ghost photolab or in the restaurant of maniac cannibal. You only have an hour to solve all the puzzles and escape.