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Real-life room escape
for kids

Real-life room escape for kids is one of the most exciting adventures you can surprise your child with. After several years of operating in Stockholm we have noticed that children love to play our rooms: there are so many interesting objects and puzzles inside! Laser beams and buttons, doors opening by themselves, labyrinths, locked boxes and hidden items that needs to be found. How can one not get excited?! Normally our age limit is 14 years. However, we have prepared a special kids version where they can enjoy our rooms as much as adults.

Kid's real-life room escape (7-12 y.o.)

Three of our rooms are available for kids of 7-12 years old: "Prison Break", "The haunted photolab" and "Mafia Escape". A special escape mode has been developed for all rooms adjusting the game scenario and puzzles for kids. The group will have to be accompanied by an adult or our professional entertainer dressed as a character (one of the prisoners or owner of the photolab). This person will take children through the game in a fun and adventurous way, create a unique atmosphere and give them hints if needed. The cost of the work of our entertainer – 700sek/hour.

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Special events for children in Stockholm

Real-life room escape is a cool birthday gift in itself. But you can always order additional services and make this day truly unforgettable.

Create some great photo memories of the party with our professional photographer! He will follow kids undercover to escape room and take some action pictures while children are busy solving puzzles. Photos will be sent to your e-mail after the event. All the details including price can be discussed over the phone.

Additionally, you can book our cozy event area (Kocksgatan 21a) for your special event. Before or after the game you kids can listen to music, watch cartoons, play board games, chat and eat a cake! Our lounge room can accommodate up to 15 little escapers at once.

Optionally, we can decorate our reception or event room according to the theme of the party upon your request. We can also order a delicious cake, provide some snacks and make sure your kids are having a blast. In other words we will take care of everything.

Make your kids birthday unforgettable with real-life room escape game!

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Real-life room escape is the brand-new entertaiment for adults and children. In games you'll find yourself in the jail and in the apartment of Russian mafia, in the ghost photolab or in the restaurant of maniac cannibal. You only have an hour to solve all the puzzles and escape.