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What is escape room game?

Escape room is a cool type of entertainment in Stockholm and around the world. Why? Because it doesn't matter if you are 12 or 70 years old, organizing a team building for a company or just hanging out with your friends - you are guaranteed to have fun. You will be locked inside a room which has it’s own atmosphere and background story. Your main goal is to find all the hints, solve all the puzzles and escape before time runs out.
We have 2 different locations in central Stockholm with a variaty of rooms where you can try to escape from jail and the Russian mafia, avoid meeting with russian mafia, solve the mystery of the spooky photolab or run away from a maniac in the first live performance in Stockholm «Horror Escape».
The main task of the players - to get out of the room during one hour.
There are dozens of caches, puzzles and quests on the way to freedom.
keyboard_arrow_down How does it work?
Before each game, your team will go through a mandatory briefing where our game masters will explain the rules and answer all your questions. Each room is built according to a specific scenario and has it’s background story which our game masters will share with you before letting you inside the room.
Once inside the room, you will start looking for clues and solving puzzles just like in any other computer game, except for this time it happens in real life. We build our rooms as realistic as possible.
keyboard_arrow_down Who can play at Questrooms?
Everyone can play! There is no age limit, which means both adults and kids will equally enjoy their time. Children under 14 years should have at least one adult with them. No specific knowledge is required a.k.a you and your teammates don't have to be geniuses.
Moreover, most of the puzzles are not connected to any language, which means both tourists and locals can play the game. One rule is important though: players must be sober to be able to solve puzzles. Our game masters have the right to cancel your game if they think any of the players are intoxicated.
keyboard_arrow_down Why would you want to visit Questrooms?

Questrooms is a great way to spend your time with friends, family, colleagues or loved ones. Come to celebrate your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party or organize a team-building.

  • Hanging out with friends
    Escape room games is a great alternative to bowling or cinema. You are guaranteed to have fun with the brain teasers and puzzles we prepaired for you in each room. It’s a great way to start your evening before going out with your friends or just spend your spare time. Bigger group? Book both rooms and compete against each other. We have 2 rooms at both locations: Medborgarplatsen and Fridhemsplan.
  • A different kind of date
    What else can be more intriguing then trying to escape from a room with your loved one followed by a romantic dinner downtown. We call it a great success! If you want, we can personalize the game, linking it to your special date or anniversary. Just give us a call in advance.
  • Family meeting
    Since Questrooms fits people of all ages, we often have families enjoying their time together. At least once or twice we even had representatives of 3 generations: kids, their parents and a grandparent were having a blast! NB: check our recommendations for the best choice of family escape room.
  • Celebrations
    Each week we have people celebrating their special events at Questrooms. That’s why we are building a special event/lounge room in our new location at Medborgarplatsen (Kocksgatan 21a). You will soon be able to read more and book your special event at Questrooms here.
  • Team-building
    Companies like Spotify, H&M, Volvo and even the police, have already experienced the joy of team work at Questrooms. Escaping the room will help you to test collaboration and reliablility level among your collegues or just relax and have fun outside your work environment. Check our special offers for team-building here.
keyboard_arrow_down Ok, you convinced me, how do I book?
Escape rooms are a popular activity so the time slots fill up fast. We therefore recommend you to plan your visit in advance. Easiest is to book your game online by choosing day and time slot in our schedule. If you would like to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible, no more than 2 days before. If you are late, we might have to shorten your playing time. For additional requests or questions, please contact us and we will do out best to help you.

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keyboard_arrow_down How much does it cost?
The price depends on the amount of players and time of your visit but normally varies between 150 and 300 SEK per person. You can pay together or separately with SWISH or card after the game
keyboard_arrow_down Is it safe?
Of course! We try to avoid using fragile or sharp objects in our games. Each room is equipped with survelliance cameras which help game masters to monitor the entire game. If requested he/she can open each particular lock. In case of emergency, all the locks and doors are opened automatically.
keyboard_arrow_down Can I buy a gift card for Questrooms?
Great idea! A lot of people have already surprised their nearest an dearest with gift certificate from Questrooms. All you need to do is leave request here and we will contact you as soon as possible for further information. The price of gift certificates corresponds to category A («Prison Break», «Russian Mafia escape» and «Haunted Photolab») or Category C («Horror Escape»). You can read more here.

keyboard_arrow_down About us
Questrooms is an international company founded in St.Petersburg in 2014. The very same year, we opened our first european office in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, more than 30 locations have been built in countries including Russia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, Italy, Cyprus and Finland.
Our mission is to build high quality escape rooms throughout the world and deliver joy and positive emotions to everyone who is playing the game.
If you want to become our partner and open an escape room in your city, simply read our franchising mode and contact our manager.
keyboard_arrow_down Do you still have questions?
Call us! +468 543 544 02 You can also contact us via e-mail or use extrasensoric channels if you are a telepath.