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Välkommen till Questrooms! Här kan du boka ditt escape room spel och spela med vänner, familjen eller kollegorna. IOm ni letar efter någonstans att ha ett mindre event eller möte, finns vårtloungerum tillgängligt att boka på Kocksgatan 21a, vid förfrågan. För grupper större än ca 25 pers, kolla in vårt nya koncept “Portable Questrooms” där vi kommer till er med pussel och spel!
6 escape rooms for adults: adventure, mystic, horror
3 escape rooms for kids
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We did the horror room on Friday and had an amazing time. I was really nervous in the beginning, and we were told that this was the scariest room. But soon the excitement of solving the next puzzle and the time pressure took over and the time flew. We made it out and were really stoked afterwards and in the perfect mood to grab a drink and continue the evening. I can recommend this as a fun way to start the weekend with a group of friends!
To be honest, before going to Questrooms Stockholm, I was never interested in an escape room. I went with a few friends with very little expectations. I was blown away by the detail and complexity of the different rooms. I won't spoil the horror room for first timers, but I had a ton of fun, and would love to go back. I just visited a few Escape Rooms in NYC and they do not compare to Questrooms Stockholm. I highly recommend them, and look forward to going again soon!
Was greeted by very friendly proprietor Greg, with introduction and setup for the Horror Escape on Kocksgatan on Södermalm. The room was really well planned and built to top standards - nothing felt cheaply done but rather cleverly executed. The mood contributed to making it a really memorable experience. Definitely the best escape room I've done, having done them in both London, Berlin and Gothenburg.
We were a group of 4 people who did both Horror Escape and Russian Mafia Escape in separate occasions (just had to get back after the first time!). Great experience, super friendly staff, cool environment and easy to book! This is a must do in Stockholm!
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Questrooms grundades 2014 som det första escape room i Sverige. Allt började med bara 1 rum och har sedan dess expanderat till hela 6 rum på 3 platser i Stockholm med både en portabel och barnversioner. Vi är nu glada att kunna anordna barnkalas och team-buildings och kan även komma till er med vårt nya koncept: Portable Questrooms, med pussel och spel i era lokaler.